A Breakdown Of Our Biologique Recherche Serums

A Breakdown Of Our Biologique Recherche Serums

Want to add a serum to your skincare routine but not sure where to start? We're here to breakdown all of our Biologique Recherche serums so you can have a better idea of what serum would be best for your skin! 
Biologique Recherche Quintessential Serums contain the main active ingredients of pure amino acids and short peptides. These serums have up to 60% - 80% actives. 
Each serum is customized to treat specific skin imbalances such as dehydration, excess sebum, fine lines, elasticity and devitalized skin. Mix and match or layer up to 3 serums for your favorite "serum cocktail".


COLOSTRUM VG: An intensive lipid-restoring moisturizing treatment that will act as a liquid cushion to help strengthen the skin barrier. 

EXTRAITS TISSULAIRES: An instant moisturizer with anti-dehydration properties. Its formula is designed to continuously capture and diffuse water to restore the skin’s water balance. 

AMNIOTIQUE: An unparalleled source of hydration for maintaining the skin’s moisture level as high as it can be. Its hydro-fixing active ingredients help cells capture water and lock it into the outer epidermal layers, banishing the discomfort of dry skin for the relief of long-lasting hydration.


COLLAGENE ORIGINEL: A unique combination of 4 active ingredients, it promotes the production of collagen to improve the appearance of the dermal-epidermal junction. It thus significantly reduces the length of wrinkles. 

ELASTINE: Developed as a powerful anti-wrinkle treatment, this serum helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and prevent new ones from forming. Skin becomes visibly smoothed and retightened.

SERUM A-GLYCA: This combats the glycation process that leads to wrinkles forming and skin aging. Rich in anti-glycation active ingredients, this serum has a preventive effect as well as a curative action that reverses the glycation.


COLLAGENE NATIF: A treatment that firms and helps tone and moisturize skin by locking water into the outer layers of the epidermis so it regains its suppleness and radiance.

VG TENSIL: An intensive facial treatment that tightens and firms the skin through its action to combat sagging. It has a lifting effect that leaves the face looking smoother and firmer.


 ISO-PLACENTA: This helps attenuate the appearance of old and new traces of acne. The skin is regenerated and smoother, the complexion is unified. Weakened skins regain their original appearance.

DERMOPORE: An intensive skincare treatment that controls shiny skin, diminishes irregularities and visibly reduces pore size. The surface of the skin becomes smoothed. Skin is clearer and better balanced.

COMPLEXE IRIBOL: Balances and regulates sebum production while also reducing the appearance of dilated pores. The skin becomes visibly less oily, pores are tightened and surface irregularities are blurred to give a sensation of clear, pure skin.


LIPOSMOSE: Specifically formulated for congested eyes, This serum provides a long-lasting solution by targeting water and fatty under-eye bags as well as those due to cutaneous aging.

OLIGO-PROTEINES MARINES: A serum specifically designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eye contour area. This treatment will reduce the bluish aspect of this fragile area for a real "anti-fatigue" effect. The skin is revitalized, dark circles are plumped up for a more rested and luminous look.

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